Basic Info about us

We are the leading music partner for leading brands and agencies

Inspired Tongue Music is a global music consultancy entity with a vision to transform music talents to global icons. We make your music boundless and timeless, extending its reach to billions of listeners across the globe. We pride ourselves in the tireless work of our people, whose inspiration truly ignites your music and make it ready for the global stage. Our services includes Music consulting, music distribution, music promotion, music recording and production, artiste management, artiste development, tour management, music event management (concerts, gigs, live recording etc), music training and development. Since its establishment in 2022, iTongue Music has earned its reputation as the most dependable and leading force within the global music community.


At Inspired Tongue Music, we are dedicated to making music boundless and accessible to all, and our faith in God and the power of gospel music is a central value for our company. Our core values also include inclusion, innovation, collaboration, and excellence (IICE).


Our focus on innovation drives us to explore new technologies, genres, and approaches to music-making, and to encourage creativity and experimentation.


Our commitment to inclusion means that we strive to provide opportunities for musicians from a wide range of communities and cultures to share their music, and to create inclusive and welcoming environments for music-making and listening.


Our spirit of collaboration brings together diverse musicians and communities through music, fostering partnerships with artists and organizations from a wide range of musical and cultural backgrounds, and creating opportunities for musicians to work together and learn from each other.


Finally, our commitment to excellence means that we strive for the highest levels of quality in all aspects of our operations, from music production and event management to customer service, in order to provide the best possible experiences for our clients and audiences.

We believe that music has the power to bring people together and spread messages of hope and inspiration, and we are dedicated to using our talents and resources to serve God and our communities through music